Extruded Aluminum Trim in Philadelphia


JBJ Soul Homes, Kitchen & Associates

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Extruded Aluminum Trim in Nashville, TX

Nashville, TN

Ryman Lofts, Smith Gee Studio

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Reveal Panel Trim by XtremeTrim

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XtremeTrim® for your project needs.

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Extruded Aluminum Trim by XtremeTrim

XtremeTrim® Reveal System

Creates modern architectural lines using extruded aluminum trims.

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Reveal Trim by XtremeTrim

Schertz, TX

Schertz Valero Gas Station, Rio Group Architects

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Aluminum Trim by XtremeTrim

TamlynWrap™ Drainable Housewrap

Superior Drainage - especially over "Flat Housewraps"

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Reveal Panel Trim

Reveal Panel Trim

Our Reveal Panel Trim is available in standard primed (ready to paint), color match, and anodized finishes.

House Wrap

Extruded Aluminum Trim and Reveal Panel Trim

Extruded Aluminum Trim by XtremeTrim® consists primarily of sustainable extruded aluminum trim profiles and other cement fiber trim products and other materials such as hardboard or wood siding. Usable in interior or exterior applications. XtremeTrim® profiles are designed to work together as a system to create an aesthetically attractive and durable appearance. It is a highly value-added product allowing many different, and even startlingly dramatic design options not available using other materials. The use of the reveal trim system allows blending in or creating a profile/color contrast with the cement siding (shadow lines etc).

Our Reveal Panel Trim is available in standard primed (ready to paint), color match, and anodized finishes. Many architects are becoming ever more concerned about the longevity of the products they specify. While galvanized reveal trims are initially less expensive, they do not perform as well as aluminum in the long run.

Aluminum Trim Flashing System products are not part of an Exterior Insulation Finishing System (EIFS) and not designed or intended to be used in an EIFS or similar system. XtremeTrim® panel reveal profiles do not form a moisture management system. The architect and builder are responsible for designing and installing a code compliant building envelope (rainscreens, etc).

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